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Chechnya was last assessed separately in the 2009 edition of Freedom in the World. Please see Russia for more recent data.

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On June 3, a mob attacked  the Committee Against Torture’s regional office in Grozny, Chechnya, marking the second attach in six months against the NGO. 

Following the destruction of the Committee Against Torture’s regional office in Grozny, Freedom House issued this statement. 

Freedom House remembers the 20th anniversary of the First Chechen War. 

Distinguished Fellow for Democracy Studies

In the weeks since the Boston Marathon bombing, a number of Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin, have made pointed comments on America’s indirect encounter with the ongoing conflict between the Russian government and Islamist insurgents in the North Caucasus region. The message can be summarized in two phrases: “We told you so” and “We’re all in the same boat now.”


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