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China’s internet controls have grown even more sophisticated and pervasive under the new Communist Party leadership, according to a new Freedom House special report.

In a new report, Investing in Freedom: Democracy Support in the U.S. Budget, Freedom House examines the President’s FY 2014 request for democracy and human rights activities and urges Congress to fully fund the international affairs budget to support the achievement of strategic U.S. foreign policy goals.

Freedom House is alarmed by the Chinese authorities’ recent arrest of leading public interest lawyer and human rights defender Xu Zhiyong, and calls for his immediate release and for all charges against him to be dropped. Xu's arrest is part of an ongoing crackdown by authorities against rights defenders and anti-corruption advocates, particularly those involved in the anti-corruption-focused New Citizens' Movement, and points to the government’s intolerance to even moderate levels of dissent. Earlier today Xu's lawyer, Liu Weiguo, was reportedly detained while attempting to visit Xu at a detention center in Beijing.


Dictators come up with some pretty lame excuses for abusing the rights of their citizens. And these excuses get taken way too seriously. Dictators want us to believe that what they do is about the same as what happens in the United States or in European Union countries. It isn’t. In the following blog post we look at some of the most common claptrap dictators throw at us.



Senior Research Analyst for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Sarah Cook is a Senior Research Analyst for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan at Freedom House.

Director of Advocacy

Annie Wilcox Boyajian is Director of Advocacy at Freedom House and leads Freedom House’s engagement with the US government and collaboration with American human rights groups.


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