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When a New York Times columnist feels the need to tell his readers, “Don’t get me wrong—I am hardly advocating totalitarian government,” something has probably gone badly awry in his analysis.

Freedom House has compiled a series of questions for Senator John Kerry, who has been nominated as the next U.S. secretary of state. Kerry’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is scheduled for Thursday, January 24.

Freedom House’s weekly update of press freedom and censorship news related to the People’s Republic of China

The ‘Southern Weekly’ Controversy
* Censored New Year’s article sparks revolt at ‘Southern Weekly’
* Impasse draws wave of public support for free speech
* Authorities clamp down, defend media controls
* ‘Southern Weekly’ returns to ‘normal’
* What it all means

The Chinese government should release all prisoners of conscience held in China’s labor camps as part of any meaningful reform of the decades old system, Freedom House said on Monday.



Senior Research Analyst for East Asia

Sarah Cook is a senior research analyst for East Asia at Freedom House.

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Annie Wilcox Boyajian is Director of Advocacy at Freedom House and leads Freedom House’s engagement with the US government and collaboration with American human rights groups.


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