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Freedom House urges the Chinese authorities to immediately allow Chen Kegui, the nephew of blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, to seek medical attention for appendicitis. In November 2012, Chen Kegui was sentenced to three years and three months in prison for “intentionally inflicting injuries” after a deeply flawed trial. Many observers believe his imprisonment and abuse are in retaliation for his uncle’s daring escape to the U.S. Embassy last year and ongoing public advocacy for human rights in China from the United States, where he currently resides.

Distinguished Fellow for Democracy Studies

The most recent in China's growing list of transnational censorship efforts involves the University of Sydney, one of Australia’s most respected institutions of higher education. According to a Reuters report, the university’s Institute for Democracy and Human Rights had invited the Dalai Lama to speak at a campus forum during his planned visit to the country in June. Subsequently, university authorities demanded that the event be moved off campus, that the university logo not be displayed, that there be no press coverage, and that attendance by campaigners for a free Tibet be barred. Not surprisingly, organizers called off the event instead.



Senior Research Analyst for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Sarah Cook is a Senior Research Analyst for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan at Freedom House.

Director of Advocacy

Annie Wilcox Boyajian is Director of Advocacy at Freedom House and leads Freedom House’s engagement with the US government and collaboration with American human rights groups.


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