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Freedom in the World began assessing the Gaza Strip as a separate territory in its 2011 edition. For a complete explanation of the changes in coverage over the years, click here.

1.8 million people
Not Free

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How U.S. institutions handle the situation in Ferguson, Missouri will have a global impact.

We urge all sides in the Israel-Gaza fighting to avoid civilian harm. Every civilian death or injury, whether caused by artillery, ground forces, bombings or rockets, risks intensifying and prolonging a conflict that has already lasted generations. We urge all sides to respect civilians’ most basic and important human right, which is the right to life.

The foreign affairs budget, which represents less than 1 percent of the annual U.S. budget, is invaluable for advancing U.S. foreign policy interests.

Freedom House applauds the announcement of a ceasefire between the government of Israel and the Hamas authorities in Gaza and hopes this will mark the beginning of a determined international effort to permanently end the violence that has cost the lives of innocent civilians.

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