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In this issue: How the Communist Party is targeting young Chinese with propaganda, a crackdown on Twitter users escalates, high-tech surveillance reaches prisons, street cleaners, and rental homes, and new threats to free speech emerge in Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, and Zambia.

Freedom House sent a letter urging Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam to two major pieces of legislation. 

Carrie Lam speaks into a microphone.

A Freedom House letter sent to Hong Kong's chief executive urges her to postpone the vote on two amendments related to extradition. 

本期簡介: 當社交媒體巨頭騰訊在中國和海外替中共競標,如何應對?在兩會期間的資訊控制和技術政策,中國政府如何在瑞典、俄羅斯、澳洲、台灣和Reddit上推進其想說的話。



Senior Research Analyst for East Asia

Sarah Cook is a senior research analyst for East Asia at Freedom House.


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