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Freedom House supports today’s reintroduction in the US Congress of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. 

本期内容:尽管打压不断上升,自由的思想和维权行动如何在中国生存?还有美中贸易战、监控、线上审查的更新,以及中国影响威胁美国、台湾、厄瓜多和尼泊尔的言论自由 。

本期內容:儘管打壓不斷上升,自由的思想和維權行動如何在中國生存?還有美中貿易戰、監控、線上審查的更新,以及中國影響威脅美國、台灣、厄瓜多和尼泊爾的言論自由 。

In this issue: How free thought and activism survive in China despite growing repression along with updates on the U.S.-China trade war, state surveillance, online censorship and examples of Chinese influence threatening free speech in the United States, Taiwan, Ecuador, and Nepal.



Senior Research Analyst for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Sarah Cook is a Senior Research Analyst for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan at Freedom House.


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Democratic Crisis in Hong Kong

Millions of people in Hong Kong are protesting democratic deterioration and rights violations, amid increasing police brutality and other violence against them.


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