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Freedom House calls for the release of four Jordanian activists detained for criticizing King Abdullah II; if convicted, the activists could face up to three years in prison.

We are deeply concerned by the stabbing of female Jordanian blogger Enass Musallam in Amman, Jordan on Monday, February 21 after she allegedly criticized a member of the royal family in her blog. She currently is in a stable condition. According to the Jordan Times, a man reportedly stabbed Musallam in the stomach and threatened to kill her if she did not stop blogging about political reform in Jordan.

Riot police attempted to stop a demonstration in Amman, Jordan, attacking demonstrators who were advocating for reform. Nearly 2,000 Jordanians were walking from a local mosque to the city hall when police attacked protesters with wooden clubs and batons. Government officials gave journalists orange vests to wear and claimed they would not be harmed. Yet, reporters from Reuters, Al Jazeera, AFP, New York Times and other media outlets were among the 10+ journalists hurt in the protests. The protests were organized by youth groups, and attended by labor unionists and Muslim Brotherhood members.

A group of men attacked the Jordanian bureau of Agence-France Presse on Wednesday, June 15—storming into the office and destroying furniture. The attack came a day after protesters demanded the bureau close its doors due to “inaccurate reporting” on King Abdullah II’s visit to a southern Jordanian town.


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