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Macao was last assessed separately in the 2004 edition of Freedom in the World. Please see China for more recent data.

552 thousand people

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本期看點:西方過節之時 中國打壓之機,網民抗議驅逐「低端人口」和虐童醜聞,川普總統訪華,澳大利亞出版商遭遇言論審查壓力,迦納漫畫家的抗爭,歌星凱蒂·派瑞被拒簽

In this issue: China’s stealthy holiday crackdowns, netizen outcries over migrant evictions and child abuse, Trump’s China visit, and how pressure on foreigners to censor reached an Australian publisher, Ghanaian cartoonist, and pop star Katy Perry. 


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