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Since 2011, Freedom House has rated Mexico “Not Free” in its annual Freedom of the Press report primarily because of ongoing violence against journalists carried out with impunity. Freedom House´s program in Mexico seeks to help journalists better protect themselves and works with civil society to promote and protect free expression.

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The bodies of a man and woman were found mutilated and dangling from a bridge in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, both apparently murdered for Twitter posts denouncing drug cartels. A poster found at the scene of the crime warned social media users against reporting on the drug war and was signed “Z,” likely referring to members of the Zetas drug cartel. The poster specifically mentioned blogs “Al Rojo Vivo” and “Blog del Narco,” highly critical of drug cartels. The identities of the two have yet to be determined or linked directly with the blogs and no witnesses have come forward.

The Mexican Supreme Court ruled on July 12 that military officers should be tried in civilian courts instead of military tribunals when accused of human rights abuses or murder. The ruling also ordered all civilian judges to comply with the international court and “assume responsibility” for cases involving human rights violations. The decision by the Mexican Supreme Court is likely to influence the way cases involving the military are handled.

The recent kidnapping of four journalists in the Mexican state of Durango is reflective of the ongoing and increasingly perilous conditions faced by the media in Mexico

Freedom House today held a panel discussion entitled “Free to Express, Free to Believe: The Defamation of Religions Debate” at the 13th Session of the Human Rights Council featuring human rights defenders from Indonesia, Nigeria and the United States who discussed options for combating religious discrimination without restricting free speech. Delegates from the United States, Chile, the UK, Italy, Denmark, Pakistan, Mexico and Brazil attended the session, together with about 75 UN and civil society representatives.


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