Since 2011, Freedom House has rated Mexico “Not Free” in its annual Freedom of the Press report primarily because of ongoing violence against journalists carried out with impunity. Freedom House´s program in Mexico seeks to help journalists better protect themselves and works with civil society to promote and protect free expression.

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Freedom House envia carta a Jesus Murillo Karam - Procurador General de la Republica -  por amenazas contra corresponsal de Reporteros Sin Fronteras en Mexico.

El 12 de marzo de 2014, Balbina Flores Martínez representante en México de Reporteros Sin Fronteras, recibió en su oficina tres llamadas telefónicas de un hombre quien la amenazó con el siguiente mensaje: “Soy el comandante Omar Treviño, estoy cerca, en el Estado de México, vengo de Michoacán y traigo una encomienda con usted: una persona me pagó para hacerle daño. Sé quién es usted, dónde y cómo trabaja, la investigo desde hace quince días.”

Freedom House has compiled the following questions for Secretary of State John Kerry, who will appear before Congress this week to discuss the proposed foreign affairs budget for fiscal year 2015.

In the face of new, sophisticated restrictions, frontline human rights activists are unprepared for the security challenges they face, while donors and international support groups struggle to collaborate effectively and protect and defend human rights, Freedom House concludes in a report issued today.


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