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Freedom House is alarmed by the clashes between South African police and demonstrating miners that resulted in 34 dead and 78 injured and calls for thorough investigation into what appears to be a disproportional use of force against civilians. 

Freedom House is encouraged by the proposed changes to South Africa’s controversial Protection of State Information Bill. Amendments to the bill will provide better protections for journalists but do not go far enough to prevent retribution against journalists who report on official corruption. Moreover, the increasingly restrictive legal environment for independent media in South Africa remains a cause for serious concern.

Tuesday's ruling by a High Court in South Africa, which mandates that authorities investigate Zimbabwean officials implicated in human rights abuses, demonstrates the court's commitment to the rule of law and represents a vital first step in assuring accountability for key perpetrators of violence in Zimbabwe.



Project Director, Southern Africa

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Strengthening participation of young people in South Africa's electoral and democratic processes

The political parties vary in impressions as to the specificity (or not) of issues that concern the youth. The issues are both substantive (concerning aspects of public policy and government action) and procedural (relevant to participation in elections and politics). Parties strive to expand their use of social media. However, the diverse demographic backgrounds of their supporters dictate that they will use a mix of traditional media (pamphlets, newsletters, speeches, door-to-door grassroots visits), intermediary electronic media (SMS and email), and social or new media (Twitter, Facebook, Mxit, WhatsApp, Google broadcasts, podcasts).


Freedom House undertook rapid conflict assessments in 16 at-risk communities in six provinces throughout South Africa.