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Freedom House applauds interim President Fouad Mebazaa’s announcement today that Tunisia will hold elections for a constituent assembly on July 24th, and calls for the government to ensure that the new electoral law will allow for free and fair elections.

Freedom House welcomes the ouster of Tunisian president Ben Ali after 23 years of dictatorship and calls on the temporary government in Tunisia to use the opportunity to move the country toward genuine democracy by respecting the rights of citizens and holding free and competitive elections.

Freedom House condemns today’s arrest of Tunisian cyber activists, Slim Amamou, Azyz Amami, Hamadi Kaloutcha and rapper Hamada Ben Omar and urges the government to release them immediately and without charges.

The Tunisian government’s harassment of opposition figures and journalists during the lead-up to presidential and legislative elections on October 25 is deeply troubling, Freedom House said today.


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Freedom House supports democracy and human rights leaders across the Middle East and North Africa region in exposing human rights abuses and pressing for reform.


Freedom House has worked to strengthen freedom of expression and human rights in Tunisia, where the country’s recent efforts at democratic consolidation created opportunities to adopt new laws.