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Freedom House President David Kramer met with European Union Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy, Štefan Füle, to discuss policies for encouraging greater respect for human rights in Belarus, Ukraine, and Georgia.

A year ago, the world was abuzz with talk of the euro crisis and the feared disintegration of the European Union. By the end of 2012, the discussion has shifted to the crisis of the liberal democracy model itself. The debate is no longer “Keynes vs. Hayek” or expansionary vs. austerity fiscal measures. At the heart of today’s debate are the systemic problems affecting Western civilization.

Distinguished Fellow for Democracy Studies

A blue-chip Washington law firm recently issued a report on the trial of former Ukrainian prime minister Yuliya Tymoshenko that will almost certainly lead to more confusion than clarity.

"I’m afraid that we’ve reached the stage when the only way to move something is through punishment – i.e., targeted sanctions," stated David J. Kramer in a Nov. 24 interview with The Ukrainian Week. The Ukrainian government continues to ignore warnings from the West regarding human rights violations and corruption; Kramer argues that incentives have not encouraged the government to change the way it behaves, consequently, "applying sanctions is the only alternative.”



Senior Program Officer for Europe and Eurasia

Gina S. Lentine is Senior Program Officer for Europe and Eurasia at Freedom House. 


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Far-right Extremism as a Threat to Ukrainian Democracy

Far-right extremism represents a threat to the democratic development of Ukrainian society. The brief provides an overview of the activities and influence of the far right, differentiating between groups that express radical ideas but by and large operate within a democratic framework and extremist groups, which resort to violence to influence society.

Far-right Extremism as a Threat to Ukrainian Democracy Ukrainian Translation

Ультраправий екстремізм несе загрозу демократичному розвитку українського суспільства. У цьому тексті викладений огляд діяльності та впливу ультраправих, зважаючи на різницю між групами, що висловлюють радикальні ідеї, проте більшою чи меншою мірою діють в рамках демократичної системи, та екстремістськими групами, які вдаються до насильства для впливу на суспільство


Freedom House seeks proposals from both rising and experienced researchers based in Ukraine who are interested in writing forward-looking briefs on media, culture and human rights issues.


Freedom House works in Eurasia to protect professional and citizen journalists, to bolster activist capacity, and to support LGBTI rights activists.