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Freedom House is deeply concerned by the violence that followed peaceful student-led marches across Venezuela on February 12, in which at least three people died. We urge the Venezuelan government to take immediate steps to restore the right to peaceful protest and to investigate the deaths.

Freedom House se encuentra profundamente consternado por la violencia que se ha desatado en las manifestaciones pacíficas de los estudiantes en toda Venezuela este 12 de Febrero, en las que murieron al menos tres personas. Instamos al gobierno de Venezuela que tome acciones inmediatas para restaurar el derecho a protestar pacíficamente y que investigue las muertes ocurridas el pasado miércoles.

Around the world, millions of people carried on the struggle for freedom and human rights in 2013. There were gains, to be sure, but unfortunately many more setbacks. Here are some of the best and worst developments in human rights over the past year.

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For some time now, democracy promotion has been under concentrated attack from authoritarian sources ranging from Robert Mugabe and Vladimir Putin to the leaders of Venezuela. More recently, criticism has spread to the democratic world, with the United States front and center.


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