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Freedom House condemns restrictions to freedom of expression that the Venezuelan government has imposed as a reaction to street protests, and calls on the government to allow all press to operate freely. Since students began public protests February 12, authorities have tightened press restrictions, including censorship of media, as well as detentions and violence against journalists.

The government of Venezuela should immediately end its violent attacks against demonstrators, invite the opposition to join an open dialogue to end the country’s political crisis, and seek help from the international community in defusing the tensions, Freedom House said.

Solicitan muy respetuosamente a la Organización que usted preside, la instauración de una Misión de Buenos Oficios en Venezuela, concertada a través de una mesa de diálogo en la cual se llame a presidir la misma al Premio Nobel de la Paz y Ex Presidente de Costa Rica Dr. Óscar Arias Sánchez con el fin de conseguir la paz, evitar más derramamientos de sangre y lograr el restablecimiento de los derechos humanos de la ciudadanía venezolana.


Freedom House is deeply concerned by the violence that followed peaceful student-led marches across Venezuela on February 12, in which at least three people died. We urge the Venezuelan government to take immediate steps to restore the right to peaceful protest and to investigate the deaths.


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