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Around the world, millions of people carried on the struggle for freedom and human rights in 2013. There were gains, to be sure, but unfortunately many more setbacks. Here are some of the best and worst developments in human rights over the past year.

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For some time now, democracy promotion has been under concentrated attack from authoritarian sources ranging from Robert Mugabe and Vladimir Putin to the leaders of Venezuela. More recently, criticism has spread to the democratic world, with the United States front and center.

Freedom House denuncia la decisión del gobierno Venezolano de retirarse de la Convención Americana de Derechos Humanos, que entra en vigor hoy, un año después del anuncio del Presidente Hugo Chávez

Freedom House denounces the Venezuelan government’s decision to withdraw from the American Convention on Human Rights, which takes effect today, one year after late President Hugo Chavez announced his intention to pull Venezuela from the convention. Freedom House urges the Venezuelan government to reconsider and calls on Latin American democracies to encourage Venezuela to reverse its decision.


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Freedom House helps citizens defend their rights against government abuses in several countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.