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Alexander Brockwehl
Guest Blogger

This Sunday, Ecuadorians will go to the polls to choose a president in what is expected to be a landslide reelection victory for President Rafael Correa. Pollsters predict that Correa will win by as many as 40-50% over the leading opposition candidate, Guillermo Lasso, the former head of the Ecuadorian bank, Banco de Guayaquil. Correa’s PAIS party is also likely to win an overwhelming majority of the 137 National Assembly seats, which will be contested on the same day. While Correa’s victory will serve to reinforce the global perception that he is an immensely popular president, there is a far darker reality:  Correa has managed one of Latin America’s largest democratic declines in recent decades.

Freedom House condemns as unconstitutional the decision of the Venezuelan Supreme Court and National Assembly to delay indefinitely the inauguration of Hugo Chavez to a fourth presidential term, and urges the government to provide the Venezuelan people with a clear way forward consistent with Venezuelan law.

Freedom House condena el retraso indefinido de la toma de posesión de Hugo Chávez por considerarlo inconstitucional, y exhorta al gobierno Venezolano a que provea un camino claro para la salida de este impasse, consistente con las leyes Venezolanas.

Freedom House calls on the government of Venezuela to ensure transparency and to strictly follow the constitutional process in the event that Hugo Chavez cannot be sworn in for a fourth presidential term on Inauguration Day.



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