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Freedom House calls on the government of Venezuela to ensure transparency and to strictly follow the constitutional process in the event that Hugo Chavez cannot be sworn in for a fourth presidential term on Inauguration Day.


La semana pasada, las autoridades de gobierno en Caracas declararon que la toma de poder del Presidente Hugo Chávez el 10 de enero puede ser retrasada, tal vez indefinidamente, dado que se encuentra fuera del país por su estado de salud. Freedom House exhorta al gobierno Venezolano a la aplicación  estricta de los procesos establecidos en la  constitución de la República Bolivariana de  Venezuela asegurando un proceso transparente  en caso de que Hugo Chávez no pueda juramentarse para asumir su cuarto mandato presidencial el día fijado por la constitución.

The reelection of the United States to the United Nations Human Rights Council was a positive development in a largely disappointing election by the UN General Assembly (UNGA) yesterday, in which seven countries with poor human rights records—Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Gabon, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela—were also elected.

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Elections have traditionally been interpreted as fair and competitive just as long as they were free of blatant fraud on election day. Modern authoritarians took note. Increasingly, they have developed strategies that aim to fix the outcome of political contests weeks, months, or even years before the ballots are cast. Their goal is to win elections while avoiding the brazen acts of vote rigging that inevitably trigger international opprobrium.


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