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Hong Kong in Crisis: Voices from the Frontlines

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, Room HVC-200
First St NE, Washington, DC 20515

Freedom House invites you to join us for a special briefing event with a diverse group of frontline activists from Hong Kong. This briefing will examine the causes of the peaceful, people-led protest movement that began in March; how current protests differ from past movements; and how those in the United States can best support the people of Hong Kong working to protect the freedoms to which they are legally entitled.

  • Irving Alfred Baleros is a social worker providing psychological and medical support to frontline activists, and has been especially engaged in searching for and supporting those who may be suicidal.
  • Denise Ho is a world-renowned Cantopop singer and actress and pro-democracy and LGBTQ rights activist.
  • Gwyneth Ho is a journalist who provided coverage of the Hong Kong protests and was attacked live on air by suspected Triad gang members.
  • Nathan Law is the founding chairman and current standing committee member of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy political party Demosistō. He became Asia’s youngest elected lawmaker when, in 2016, he won a seat in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, but was later disqualified by Beijing. He served time in prison for his role in the 2014 Umbrella Movement and is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.
  • LV is a young advocate engaged on the frontlines of Hong Kong's protest movement. Having never participated in demonstrations until earlier this year, LV is on the front lines providing medical support, putting out smoke bombs, monitoring police treatment of those who have been arrested to ensure their safety, and assisting fellow protesters in whatever capacity is needed.

For press inquiries please contact [email protected].

*Please allow additional travel time for security screening at the Capitol Visitor Center and refrain from carrying any prohibited items.

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