Kazakhstan’s OSCE Chairmanship: A Case for Human Rights | Freedom House

Kazakhstan’s OSCE Chairmanship: A Case for Human Rights

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 - 11:00am to 12:30pm

SEIU Conference Center
1800 Massachusetts Ave NW, Room 2006
Washington, DC

At the 2007 Ministerial Council Meeting in Madrid, Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister promised the participating states that his country would implement far-reaching domestic reforms before assuming the chairmanship of the OSCE. Only months before 2010, which obligations has Kazakhstan fulfilled? Which ones has it neglected? Is there hope for a real human rights agenda in Kazakhstan?

Please join the Open Society Institute and Freedom House as we welcome leading Kazakhstani civil society activists, who will discuss the status of human rights in Kazakhstan on the eve of its OSCE chairmanship. Speakers will include:

Jeff Goldstein (opening remarks), Open Society Institute
Vera Tkachenko: Legal Policy Center
Zhemis Turmagambetova: Charter for Human Rights
Tamara Kaleyeva: Adil Soz
Ninel Fokina: Almaty Helsinki Committee
Moderator: Iva Dobichina, Freedom House, Chief of Party (Kazakhstan)

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