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Violence Against Journalists: Reporting in the Most Dangerous Countries

Thursday, March 8, 2012 - 4:00pm

Palais des Nations Geneva, Switzerland

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The panel will explore the perilous situation of journalism and free expression in countries where state and non-state actors target journalists and undermine the independence of the press. The featured panel will discuss the challenges they face, including assassination, arrest and harassment, and why these trends have disturbing implications for the future of political freedom.

Panel featuring journalists & activists from Mexico, Pakistan, Russia and Bahrain, including:

Courtney Radsch -  Moderator

Ms. Iana Minochkina - Coordinator of International Cooperation and Projects, the Interregional Center for Human Rights

Mr. Idrees Bakhtiar - President of the Pakistan Union of Journalists (PFUJ)

Mr. Mauricio Alarcón Salvador- Projects Director for Fundamedios

Mr. Victor Quintana - Leader and consultant for the Dirigente y asesor del Frente Democrático Campesino de Chihuahua (Chihuahua Peasant Democratic Front) and Equipo Pueblo (The Community Team)

Full bios below:

Mr. Idrees Bakhtiar (Pakistan) is currently the president of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) and the Associate Editor of the Herald, the prestigious monthly news and opinion magazine of the Dawn Media Group.  Prior to this, he was elected secretary of the Karachi Union of Journalists and a member of the governing body for the Karachi Press Club.   Throughout his career, Mr. Bakhtiar has reported for numerous newspapers, including being the Chief Reporter for the Star and reporting for Daily Indus Times, the first English newspaper in the interior of Sindh Province. 

Ms. Iana Minochkina (Russia) has been facilitating international cooperation in human rights protection for several years, and currently serves as coordinator of International Cooperation and Projects at Interregional Center for Human Rights in Yekaterinburg, Russia. She is especially interested in the role of international mechanisms and new Internet technologies in human rights protection, and has participated in the European Dialogue on Internet Governance and the New Media Summer School in Belgrade. Ms. Minochkina is currently a student at the Higher School of Economics, and is completing the European Regional Master’s in Democracy and Human Rights at the University of Sarajevo and University of Bologna.

Mr. Mauricio Alarcón Salvador, (Ecuador) Projects Director for Fundamedios, a nonprofit organization in Ecuador that aims to promote respect for the rights and freedoms of expression, press, access to information, and assembly, as well as independent quality journalism.  Mr. Salvador is also a lawyer and the Director of Fundación Ciudadania y Desarrollo (Citizen and Development Foundation), an organization that promotes democratic education, citizen participation and the constitutional rights of rural sectors in Ecuador.

Mr. Victor Quintana (Mexico) is a leader and consultant for the Dirigente y asesor del Frente Democrático Campesino de Chihuahua (Chihuahua Peasant Democratic Front) and Equipo Pueblo (The Community Team). He was the cofounder of El Campo No Aguanta Más (The Countryside Cannot Withstand Any Longer) and has also served as a federal deputy for the Partido de la Revolucion Democratica (the Revolutionary Democratic Party), in addition to holding other public offices. Mr. Quintana writes for major journals and participates in radio talk shows. He holds a PhD in Sociology from Sorbonne Nouvelle University in France and is from the city of Cuauhtemoc in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Ms. Courtney Radsch, Program Manager for the Global Freedom of Expression Campaign, is an international media expert with more than 10 years of journalism and new media experience in the U.S., Middle East and Europe. Ms. Radsch most recently worked for Al Arabiya news station in Dubai. She has also held positions at the New York Times, the Daily Star, and the Development Executive Group and her articles have been published in an array of media outlets and books. She has experience doing media training (journalism, public relations, cross cultural communications and digital/social media) and international media development. Ms. Radsch is a doctoral candidate in international relations at American University writing her dissertation on cyberactivism in Egypt. She holds a Master’s degree from the Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of California, Berkeley. She is proficient in Arabic, French and Spanish.


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