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Vanessa Tucker

Vice President for Research and Analysis

Vanessa Tucker is the vice president for research and analysis at Freedom House, where she oversees the organization’s annual publications (Freedom in the World, Freedom of the Press, Freedom on the Net, and Nations in Transit) and special reports. She previously directed Countries at the Crossroads, Freedom House’s survey of democratic governance in 70 strategically important countries around the world.  Prior to joining Freedom House, Vanessa managed the Program on Intrastate Conflict at Harvard Kennedy School, where she contributed to the inaugural edition of the Ibrahim Index of African Governance. She has also worked at the Kennedy School’s Women and Public Policy Program, and with the Democracy Program at the Carter Center. She holds a BA in International Development from McGill University, and an MA in International Relations from Yale University. 

Articles & Reports by Vanessa Tucker

March 21, 2017 | Article