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A global coalition calls on the United States to use its leverage end state-sponsored forced labor of children and adults in the cotton sector in Uzbekistan.

Las Comisiones de Justicia, Derechos Humanos y Estudios Legislativos del Senado de la República aprueban el proyecto de ley que faculta a las autoridades federales para conocer delitos del fuero común contra la prensa.

Freedom House joined prominent rights groups in calling on Secretary of State John Kerry to make human rights a priority in his upcoming trip to China.

Freedom House joined other prominent human rights groups in launching a campaign to raise awareness about ongoing rights abuses in Bahrain in advance of the country hosting the upcoming Formula One Grand Prix. The campaign calls on drivers in the upcoming Formula One race to pledge their support for a free and just Bahrain by calling attention to rights abuses in the country and the need for reform. To help raise awareness about the campaign on Twitter, use hashtags #ReformsF1rst and #F1.

Freedom House sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry asking him to consider candidates with strong human rights backgrounds when he makes appointments to senior positions at the State Department.

In its current form, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), which is scheduled to be voted on by the House of Representatives in mid-April, would significantly impact U.S. citizens’ privacy online. In a letter to the bill's co-sponsors, Freedom House president David Kramer urges the lawmakers to amend the current bill to enhance Internet security while respecting existing US privacy laws.

Susan Corke looks at the current state of press freedom in Turkey in remarks delivered at the National Press Club.

Signatories express their recognition and support for the protection of human rights within the Inter American system and the Inter American Commission on Human Rights in light of the upcoming Organization of American States' (OAS) special session.

Sylvana Habdank-Kołaczkowska testified before the U.S. Helsinki Commission on the impact of recent legislation on civil society in Hungary.

The U.S. government's half-hearted approach to the Syrian conflict will backfire, argues a policy brief released by Freedom House. As nearly 70,000 are dead in a war that threatens to spill over into the broader region, the US has largely stood on the sidelines, contemplating the day after the fall of the regime but doing little to bring it about or influence the long-term outcome.