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Presidente de la República, Enrique Peña Nieto, promulga hoy la ley que faculta a las autoridades federales para atraer casos de delitos del fuero común cometidos contra periodistas y medios de comunicación.

A coalition of 19 human-rights groups, including Freedom House, calls on President Barack Obama in the following letter to issue an executive order explaining the administration's strategy for preventing atrocities.


Freedom of expression and the practice of journalism have been held hostage by the spiral of violence, which threatens to undermine the very foundations of Mexico’s democracy. Given the serious repercussions on democratic governance and stability, President Obama should give the protection of journalists a prominent place on the bilateral agenda.

La Cámara de Diputados de Mexico muestra su compromiso a la consolidación de la libertad de expresión

Freedom House exhorta al gobierno del Estado de Coahuila y a las instancias federales de procuración de justicia, a que se investiguen con prontitud y eficacia la muerte del fotógrafo del diario Vanguardia.

International and Mexican civil society organizations congratulate and welcome the passage of the proposed laws that will empower federal authorities to federalize crimes committed against journalists and the media.

In the following letter, Freedom House urges Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto to investigate the recent death threats received by Article 19 and to ensure the protection of journalists.

Freedom House México recibió el día de hoy una denuncia sobre amenazas de muerte contra Darío Ramírez, Director de la oficina en México de  Article 19,  y sus colaboradores.

We write today to urge the State Department to place Uzbekistan in Tier 3 in the 2013 Global Trafficking in Persons Report unless the government of Uzbekistan invites a high-level, tripartite International Labour Organization observer mission to monitor this fall’s harvest prior to the report’s release.

A global coalition calls on the United States to use its leverage end state-sponsored forced labor of children and adults in the cotton sector in Uzbekistan.