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The International Partnership Group, which includes Freedom House and other prominent international human rights organizations, urged the Parliamentary Assembly in the Council of Europe to make a strong call for Azerbaijan to improve its deteriorating human rights record.

In the following letter, Freedom House and other prominent rights groups call on President Barack Obama to express public concern regarding Turkey's increasingly hostile environment for free speech and expression.

Sarah Cook examines the Communist Party's campaign against the Falung Gong in her testimony before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China.

Mexico has become one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists. As organized crime, drug-trafficking and corruption continue to rise, there has been a spike in murders of journalists who have sought to draw attention to these issues. Since 2000 more than 82 journalists have been killed, and a high number have been kidnapped or disappeared, as a result of their work. Vulnerable journalists, who are increasingly being targeted by drug cartels, have nowhere to turn for help, as government authorities are often incapable or unwilling to protect them, and are sometimes even complicit in the attacks. These factors have instilled a culture of fear among journalists that has resulted in mass self-censorship.

The Embassy of Bahrain in the U.S. will host a celebration in honor of Bahrain’s National Day in Washington D.C. on December 12th, even as its government continues to crack down on the fundamental rights of its citizens. Freedom House staff have declined to attend the event, which will be held at the Ritz-Carlton, stressing in a letter to the Ambassador Houda Ezra Nonoo that Bahrain must focus on ending rights abuses and achieving political reform before throwing a lavish event.

The National Endowment for Democracy and Freedom House present the following statement of international concern to bring attention to the rapidly deteriorating situation inside Russia and to demonstrate widespread support for Russian civil society.

In the following letter, Freedom House and other key human rights groups express concern to President Barack Obama about the possibility that the administration will soon relax the import ban on Burma before proper safeguards are in place.

Susan Corke testified before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission on the current climate for human rights in Russia.

Freedom House led a delegation of civil society leaders and online activists from around the world to Baku, Azerbaijan last week for the 7th Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the UN's flagship conference for discussing global Internet policy. Following the IGF, 17 organizations and individuals signed on to a joint statement to highlight the concerns they raised throughout the Forum, and to offer recommendations to governments, internet companies, and international organizations on how to better protect internet freedoms.

Freedom House provides recommendations to the Organization of American States' Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on how to improve the mandate and current practices of the organization, and examines issues including precautionary measures, the promotion of human rights and the IACHR's financial situation.