Freedom of Association

In an effort to stifle opposition voices, a growing number of governments are limiting the actions of domestic civil society activists and restricting citizens’ freedom of association. Often accomplished through legal means—such as lengthy or cumbersome registration and reporting processes for all nongovernmental organizations—the restrictions also hamper the ability of international organizations and governments to assist civil society within these countries. While this trend has been well documented in Not Free countries such as Egypt and Russia, it has also emerged in Partly Free countries such as Venezuela and Malaysia, and even in Free countries, such as Peru. Freedom House aims to bring greater public awareness to this worrying trend.
Freedom of association was at the top of the agenda at the 2010 Human Rights Summit, hosted by Freedom House and Human Rights First, which brought together many of the new generation of dissidents and human rights advocates with U.S. policy makers, officials from other democratic governments, and influential figures from the world of media, think tanks, universities, NGOs, and human rights and freedom of expression activists.  The summit produced an Action Plan for the Obama Administration, other governments and multilateral institutions in defense of democratic values and fundamental human rights. It also gave government officials the opportunity to hear from activists currently engaged in frontline struggles for freedom and democracy.

Research & Reports

Nations in Transit 2015

Nations in Transit is the only comprehensive, comparative, and multidimensional study of reform in the former Communist states of Europe and Eurasia. Nations in Transit tracks the reform record of 29 countries and administrative areas.


Freedom House запрошує до подання заявок на фінансування та підтримку організації, кампанії та/або ініціативи, які ставлять за мету сприяння підвищенню відповідальності в українському суспільстві та владі, у тому числі в уряді, бізнесі та інших сферах.


Freedom House invites applications for funding and support from organizations, campaigns, and/or initiatives that seek to foster greater accountability in Ukrainian society and governance, including within government, business, and other sectors. 

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