United Nations

Freedom House consistently advocates for a strong and effective UN Human Rights Council that lives up to its mandate. The Council is the world’s only global body dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights. Created in 2006 to replace the discredited UN Commission on Human Rights, the Council’s success is critical not only for advancing human rights, but also for the overall credibility and effectiveness of the UN as a body. Freedom House regularly brings delegations of human rights defenders to Council sessions in Geneva, and has been particularly vocal against “defamation of religions” resolutions.  Freedom House also publishes special reports evaluating the Council’s progress as well as the human rights records of its members.



Freedom House запрошує до подання заявок на фінансування та підтримку організації, кампанії та/або ініціативи, які ставлять за мету сприяння підвищенню відповідальності в українському суспільстві та владі, у тому числі в уряді, бізнесі та інших сферах.


Freedom House invites applications for funding and support from organizations, campaigns, and/or initiatives that seek to foster greater accountability in Ukrainian society and governance, including within government, business, and other sectors. 

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