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Freedom Alert

Freedom House is deeply concerned about the Sudanese government’s continued use of excessive force against peaceful demonstrators in Sudan. On March 12, 2014, in the latest incident, government forces fired live ammunition at university students in Khartoum, highlighting the brutality of these abuses.

Russia should immediately end its escalating interference with media in Ukraine, and both Ukrainian and Russian authorities should protect journalists’ rights and safety, Freedom House said.

Freedom House condemns Vietnam’s sentencing of blogger and human rights activist Truong Duy Nhat on March 4 to a two-year prison term, and calls on the government of Vietnam to overturn his conviction. His imprisonment represents a blatant attack on free speech and independent media in the country.  

Freedom House mourns the passing and remembers the achievements of Soviet dissident Boris Pustyntsev, a pioneer of civil rights advocacy in his country and whose work spanned more than half a century.


Freedom House mourns the loss of veteran Cuban freedom champion Huber Matos, one of the most important opposition figures to the Castro regime. Matos, who originally supported Fidel Castro but then spent decades in prison before coming to the United States, died February 27 at age 95. 

Freedom House strongly condemns a Russian court’s sentencing of seven political prisoners February 24 to prison terms of two-and-a-half to four years each in the Bolotnaya Square case, as well as the detention of more than 800 peaceful demonstrators gathered in their support over the last week outside the courthouse and the Kremlin.


The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, SB 1062, passed by legislators in Arizona and being considered for signature by Governor Jan Brewer, would allow certain businesses to refuse service to the LGBTI community based on religious beliefs. Freedom House urges Governor Brewer to veto the measure.


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