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Freedom Alert

Freedom House joins other human rights organizations in condemning the discriminatory law Uganda president Yoweri Museveni signed February 24, imposing harsh penalties on those convicted of engaging in homosexual behavior – a measure infringing basic rights of Ugandans and creating a dangerous atmosphere of intolerance.

Freedom House is deeply troubled by the February 24 ruling by a Kazakhstani court to shut down Pravdivaya Gazeta, an independent newspaper often critical of the government.

Freedom House condemns restrictions to freedom of expression that the Venezuelan government has imposed as a reaction to street protests, and calls on the government to allow all press to operate freely. Since students began public protests February 12, authorities have tightened press restrictions, including censorship of media, as well as detentions and violence against journalists.

Freedom House is deeply alarmed by the detention of more than 200 supporters gathered outside of Moscow's Zamoskvoretsky courthouse February 21 in support of eight Bolotnaya Square prisoners who were found guilty of assaulting police at a demonstration.

With the opening of the trial in Egypt of three Al-Jazeera journalists, Freedom House condemns the Egyptian government's use of politically tainted legal procedures to criminalize the free exercise of journalistic rights and freedoms in the country.

Freedom House strongly condemns the escalating, deadly violence in Kyiv and the Ukrainian government’s warning that “all legal means” will be used to disperse protesters. Such developments are alarming signals that President Viktor Yanukovych has decided to escalate the three-month long crisis over demonstrators’ demands for closer ties to the West and greater democracy.

In the latest of a series of government attacks on civil society groups, the Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) on February 11 raided the headquarters of El-Shorook Forum, which promotes intercultural dialogue through the arts, and halted its operations. It was the 13th such organization forced closed since 2012. Freedom House condemns the government of Sudan for its repression of civil society organizations, and urges the government to allow them to perform their work, vital to democratic society.


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