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Freedom House condemns today’s decision to postpone the August 7 trial for three Vietnamese bloggers. This is the third time the court has delayed the trial, which stems from charges widely considered to be punishment for their criticism of the government. Freedom House calls for the Vietnamese government to drop all charges against the three bloggers and ensure their immediate release.

Freedom House strongly denounces the death of 12 individuals in Nyala, South Darfur, following the firing of live ammunition and tear gas into mass public protests by the Sudanese police and National Intelligence and Security Service.  The Government of Sudan must halt its crackdown on the Sudanese people’s right to peacefully protest and exercise their right to freedom of assembly, association, and expression.

Freedom House is deeply troubled by the recent spate of sectarian violence between Egypt’s Muslim majority and Coptic Christian minority.

Freedom House welcomes the appointment of Stavros Lambrinidis as the European Union’s first Special Representative for Human Rights (EUSR) on July 25.

Freedom House strongly denounces the execution of four Arab prisoners charged with alleged terrorist activity following a closed-door trial, a chilling indication that the government has intensified its crackdown on Iran’s Ahwazi minority. Iran must halt all execution orders and immediately reform its broken judiciary, which lacks transparency and flouts due process.

The passage of a law in Russia that will cause thousands of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to be labeled “foreign agents” if they receive financial support from abroad is the latest in a series of attempts by the Russian government to restrict civil and political liberties. The pernicious bill directly targets those organizations that are attempting to impact public policy, including GOLOS, the country’s only independent election monitor.

Freedom House welcomes South Sudan’s signing of the Geneva Conventions and their additional Protocols. With the addition of South Sudan, the Geneva Conventions now apply to every country in the world, an extremely important milestone for human rights worldwide.


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