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Freedom Alert

The disappearance and beating of the leader of the AutoMaidan activist movement, Dmitry Bulatov, signals an alarming increase in government attacks against civil society activists and journalists in Ukraine.

Freedom House joins the American Ambassador to Côte d’Ivoire, Terrence P. McCulley, in condemning the recent wave of anti-LGBTI violence there and calls on the government of Côte d’Ivoire to thoroughly investigate the attacks and bring the perpetrators to justice.


Freedom House condemns the Niger government’s detention in January 2014 of four journalists, and calls for the immediate release of those who remain in detention without charge. These unlawful detainments impede the ability of journalists to speak freely, and demonstrate a clear violation of freedom of the press and freedom of expression, guaranteed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Freedom House condemns the conviction on January 30 of Aleksandr Suturin, a newspaper editor in Khabarovsk, under Russia’s draconian ban on “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.” The recently-imposed ban prohibits most public discussion of LGBTI people and issues and has contributed to an atmosphere of hostility and violence towards LGBTI people across Russia.

Freedom House осуждает обвинительный приговор вынесенный 30 января 2014 года в отношении Александра Сутирина, редактора газеты в Хабаровске, попавшей под суровый запрет «пропаганды нетрадиционных сексуальных отношений». Этот недавно утверждённый закон запрещает большинство публичных обсуждений вопросов ЛГБТИ (лесбянки, геи, бисексуалы, трансгендеры, и интерсексуалы) людей, что привело к враждебной атмосфере и насилию по отношению к ЛГБТИ людям по всей России.

On the third anniversary of the Yemeni Revolution, Freedom House celebrates the progress Yemen has achieved on the path to democracy and urges the government to make respect for human rights the foundation of the country’s new constitution.

فى الذكرى الثالثة للثورة اليمنية ، تحتفل مؤسسة بيت الحرية  بالتقدم والانجازات   التى حققتها اليمن فى مجال الديمقراطية . وتحث مؤسسة بيت الحرية الحكومة اليمنية على احترام حقوق الانسان  وجعلها  اساساً  للدستور الجديد للبلاد . 


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