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Two years into Xi Jinping’s presidency, all hope that China’s new leader could morph into a liberal reformer seems to have vanished. 

February 26, 2015 

By Mark P. Lagon and  Sarah Grebowski

Fareed Zakaria looks at the Freedom House Freedom in the World report that indicates that autocracy is on the rise. What countries are hurting the cause of freedom?

By Mark P. Lagon

Democracy has been under threat around the world for many years from authoritarian rulers, military leaders and terrorist groups. Last year the pressures intensified significantly.

Karin Karlekar, Project Director of Freedom of the Press at Freedom House, was interviewed by the Council on Foriegn Relations on the future of journalism in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. 

Interview with: Mark P. Lagon, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Human Rights and President of Freedom House 

Interviewer: Zachary Laub, Online Writer/Editor 


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