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At first glance, it might seem counterintuitive that media freedom is on the decline. After all, in a world in which news is being produced by a broader range of professionals – as well as citizen journalists and bloggers – information is flowing at faster rates than ever before. And with news being transmitted through a greater variety of mediums – including newspapers, radio, television, the internet, mobile phones, flash drives, and social media – one might expect the level of media freedom worldwide to be improving, not worsening.

The U.S.' failure to enforce the 'red line' in Syria will only embolden Bashar al-Assad, writes Charles Dunne for US News & World Report.

Overlooked amid the focus on the Boston bombings and the suspects’ links to Russia is the latest example of the systematic abuse of human rights under Vladi­mir Putin. Read David J. Kramer's Washington Post op-ed.

Un ataque reciente a uno de los blogs sobre información del narcotráfico que hay en México ofrece un panorama del conflicto que trasciende al ciberespacio: mientras los ciudadanos están informando desde blogs y redes sociales los conflictos armados entre narcotraficantes y las fuerzas de gobierno, los grupos de poder intentan acallar sus voces por todos los medios, incluidos la amenaza, la desaparición, el asesinato o el ataque digital.

For the second straight year, amateur and professional photographers from around the world have submitted images for Freedom House's "Images of Freedom and Repression."

The list of 18 names released Friday by the U.S. Treasury Department connected to the Sergei Magnitsky Act elicits a number of reactions. For starters, the U.S. has finally taken concrete action to address the Russian government's atrocious human rights situation. Credit for this, however, lies with the Congress, not the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama, who was opposed to the legislation. But Obama had no choice but to sign it into law last December because the Magnitsky Act was linked to lifting of the Jackson-Vanik amendment, which Obama very much wanted.

David J. Kramer responds to Thomas Graham's essay - In Defense of a Strategic Approach to Russia - in a piece for The American Interest.


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