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Board member Diana Negroponte examines efforts by several Latin American countries to stifle free press and the role of the Organization of American States in a Miami Herald op-ed.

Most news out of the Middle East these days is dispiriting: the devastating civil war in Syria, the autocratic nature of Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt, continued militia activity in Libya, a coalition collapse in Tunisia. Less discussed, and surprisingly positive, is the political situation in Yemen. Read Danya Greenfield and David J. Kramer's Washington Post op-ed on the U.S.' drones policy and Yemen.

With Iran’s 2013 presidential elections set to take place on June 14, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad must begin preparing for life outside the highest elected office. If the lives of his predecessors’ are any indication for his future, Ahmadinejad’s transition from government to civilian life will not be an easy one.

David Kramer speaks to BBC's Newsday about Russia's decision to try lawyer Sergei Magnitsky posthumously.

Charles Dunne joins France24 for an on-air debate about Iraq, ten years after the beginning of the Iraq War.

Watch Part 1 of the discussion.
Watch Part 2 of the discussion.


As Kazakhstan marches into the future, many critical journalists are getting a taste of its Soviet past, observes Nate Schenkkan in a piece for Jazeera English.

In a Foreign Policy piece, Arch Puddington looks at how celebrities should handle visits to authoritarian countries in today's world.


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