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President Obama's call to arms against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), like his response to Russia's aggression against Ukraine, steps up U.S. efforts to curb major threats to U.S. interests. Does it also signal a greater commitment by Obama to stand up for democracy in the world? Probably not. But he should make democracy a priority.

Sanctions will strengthen Putin's regional clout, explains Nate Schenkkan in an op-ed for Foreign Affairs.

The problem with “accommodating” Russia in Ukraine is that Vladimir Putin’s goal is sowing chaos as part of a plan to hold on to power in the Kremlin. Click here to read David J. Kramer's American Interest op-ed.

Photo Credit: Mehman Huseynov

U.S. policy on democracy support, especially during the Obama administration, has been largely reactive. We seem to be constantly playing (and mostly losing) a giant game of Whac-a-Mole. Click here to read Daniel Calingaert's American Interest op-ed.

"Stronger African democracies mean more developed, knowledge-based African economies, which are better for American business interests in the long run" write Daniel Calingaert and Kellen McClure. Read their Global Post op-ed here.

CBC's Evan Solomon speaks with David J. Kramer about economic sanctions against Russia. Click here to watch the interview.

Vladimir Putin came to power in large part due to his willingness to use brutal, indiscriminate force against Chechen “terrorists.” Now Putin appears to have the blood of 298 passengers and crew from Malaysia Air Flight 17 on his hands. Read David Kramer's American Interest op-ed.


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