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In the News

The world’s media is facing significant new pressures and growing dangers in almost every region of the world. Click here to read Karin Karlekar's op-ed.

Respect for political and civil rights has declined globally for eight consecutive years, due in large part to the growing sophistication of modern authoritarian rulers and their initiatives to tighten control on power amid rising public demands for political change.  Click here to read Daniel Calingaert's op-ed for CNN.

Freedom House President David J. Kramer participates in a PBS NewsHour discussion on the U.S.' strategy towards the crisis in Ukraine and Russia's actions.

The United States should take more action when it comes to the crisis in Ukraine, writes David J. Kramer in an op-ed for the Washington Post.

From Tunisia to Turkey, Kiev to Caracas, people around the world are making their desire for democracy and greater freedom overwhelmingly clear.  But what is the proper role for the United States? Read Sarah Trister's op-ed for The Hill.

Maryland recently joined 17 other states and D.C. in recognizing the human rights of transgender people, but there is still a long way to go in this country and beyond, writes Chloe Schwenke in a Baltimore Sun op-ed.


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