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In the News

Freedom House's Sarah Cook spoke to Warren Olney on  "To the Point" about the Chinese system of censorship.

Freedom House President David J. Kramer appeared on PBS NewsHour to discuss the Obama administration's sanctions on Russia.

Vladimir Putin considers stable, prosperous, rule-of-law democracies along Russia’s border as a threat because of what they represent: the possibility of an alternative to autocratic rule in Russia. Click here to read Arch Puddington and David J. Kramer's op-ed for The American Interest.

The sanctions against Russia do not go far enough, argues David J. Kramer in an  op-ed for the Washington Post.

We have the technology to defeat censorship. But do we have the will? Read Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen's The New York Times op-ed on the future of internet freedom, which cites findings from Freedom House's Freedom on the Net report.

The crisis in Ukraine is not about tearing a country apart between two equivalent "spheres of influence." It's a choice between two very different styles of governance. Click here to continue reading Ilya Lozovsky's op-ed.

Don't look now, Silicon Valley, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has set his sights on new territory. Click here to read Gigi Alford's Huffington Post op-ed.


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