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American reactions to the recent bombing of a foreign workers' compound in Riyadh reveal multiple misreadings of the Arab world and--more dangerously--of both al Qaeda and the S
In the space of a few weeks in October, Vladimir Putin's Russia sent decisive signals to its population, to its neighbors, and to the world that the country is doing business in
"Sixty years of Western nations excusing and accommodating the lack of freedom in the Middle East," President Bush said in a recent major speech, "did nothing to make us safe."
"The results of the ballot did not come unexpectedly for us." So said Azerbaijan's president-elect, Ilham Aliyev, shortly after his victory in what international monitors termed
As Iraq begins the process of drafting a new constitution, religious freedom has not yet surfaced on the Bush administration's short list of non-negotiable requirements for a po
So far discussion of the United Nations' role in Iraq has been dominated by the pressing matters of repairing U.S.


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