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President Obama faces the gravest challenge of his presidency in figuring out how to respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. How he responds will define his two terms in office, as well as determine the future of Ukraine, Russia and U.S. standing in the world. Click here to read David J. Kramer's Washington Post op-ed.

The Economist's new digital essay on democracy features an interactive map highlighting changes in countries' freedom status from 1972 to 2013 - based on Freedom House's Freedom in the World report.

Viviana Giacaman, director of Latin American programs at Freedom House, speaks to Talk Radio News Service about the recent protests in Venezuela.

In a special report, “Democracy in Crisis: Corruption, Media, and Power in Turkey,” Freedom House documents the links between government pressure on journalists, publishers and media groups, and Turkey’s democratic crisis.

The Obama administration is hesitant to push for democracy abroad and exercise US leadership in defense of democratic principles, observes Daniel Calingaert in his op-ed for Global Post.

Daniel Calingaert, executive vice president at Freedom House, speaks to CTV about declines in freedom around the world. Click here to watch the interview.

In reviewing the past year’s events for Freedom in the World 2014, Freedom House noticed a number of common characteristics among the world’s authoritarian rulers. Here are a few warning signs, and cautionary examples, for any leaders out there who may be drifting toward full-blown dictatorship. Click here to read our BuzzFeed piece.


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