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Freedom House’s Nations in Transit project seeks proposals for analytical briefs. 

On November 11, Biram and his colleagues were attacked by riot police, arrested and imprisoned, where they remain today. Your donation allows us to assist human rights defenders like Biram who are risking their lives every day.

On November 11, 2014, Biram Dab Abeid, a prominent Mauritanian anti-slavery activist, was beaten and arrested for his participation in an anti-slavery protest and remains imprisoned today. Freedom House spoke with Biram in 2013 about his work - read the interview here.

Since 2004, Hong Kong has declined 9 points on Freedom House's Freedom of the Press infographic. An infographic looks at press freedom over the past decade in Hong Kong.

Freedom House honored Maina Kiai with the Freedom Award and Rep. Frank Wolf with the Leadership Award at its Annual Awards Dinner on October 1. Former political prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky gave the night's keynote address.

On May 12, 1997 Michel Thierry Antangana was arrested by Cameroon officials on the grounds of “organized crime” and spent the next 17 years in captivity.

A certain group of countries want greater control over how the internet is run globally. As it turns out, they tend to be some of the worst offenders when it comes to censoring the web and arresting users for their online activities.


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