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News update

A certain group of countries want greater control over how the internet is run globally. As it turns out, they tend to be some of the worst offenders when it comes to censoring the web and arresting users for their online activities.

Turkey is a battleground state for Internet regulation, according to a report released by Freedom House in advance of the Internet Governance Forum.

The most egregious violators of LGBTI people’s human rights are authoritarian states, but even some democracies remain hostile environments for their gay and transgender citizens.

How did ISIS manage to capture Mosul? Zainab al-Suwaij, executive director of the American Islamic Congress and a trustee of Freedom House, answers questions on recent developments in Iraq.

Turkey’s paramount leader is moving from the premiership to the presidency amid talk of constitutional change, but his divisive and autocratic governance style will remain the same.

This year’s event honors Kenyan activist Maina Kiai and Congressman Frank Wolf with keynote remarks provided by former Russian political prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky, his first address in the United States since his December 2013 release.

LGBTI people have become victims of an ongoing crisis within global institutions regarding the intersection of universal human rights and cultural or “traditional” values.


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