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News update

Press freedom in Mexico has drastically declined in Mexico over the past decade, and although journalism is flourishing in some aspects, the environment for media has become dangerous, unstable, and insecure.

"We underestimate the profound importance of democracy promotion, but also its difficulty," stated Walter Russell Mead at the conference “Re-thinking Democracy Promotion Amid Rising Authoritarianism,” hosted by The American Interest, Freedom House and Johns Hopkins-SAIS.

25 years after the Tiananmen Square movement, Freedom House supports and speaks out on behalf of those who continue to struggle for human rights in China. Join us in the struggle to promote freedom in China.

As Swaziland’s Chief Justice continues to undermine the judicial process by threatening judges who oppose him with arrest, Freedom House joins key organizations and individuals in calling on King Mswati III to implement substantial reforms in an effort to guarantee freedom of expression and a return to the rule of law.


While the coup itself appeared deceptively simple, governing Thailand will be a more drawn out, complicated, and potentially bloody affair, writes Freedom House's Craig Blackburn.

One of the leading forces in the 2005–06 prophet Muhammad cartoon controversy, Danish Muslim activist Ahmed Akkari, now regrets his role as agitator and reveals a larger, more deliberate, and more vicious conspiracy behind the crisis than previously known.

While Ecuador's president Rafael Correa has been promoting himself through a public-relations campaign abroad, he has ratcheted up the suppression of critical voices within his own country. In Freedom House’s recently released report Freedom of the Press 2014, Ecuador was rated Not Free for the second consecutive year. And as the report suggests, the developments over the past year were more disturbing than just a continuing negative trend.


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