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News update

Since 2003, Freedom House has systematically provided prescient analysis of Russia’s move to authoritarian rule and efforts to restore hegemony over Ukraine.

There were a number of small victories in Africa during 2013, even in countries where the prevailing trend remains negative. Freedom House takes a look at ten positive developments in 2013.

The citizens of Ukraine are fighting a courageous battle for their rights, standing up to armed riot police and a corrupt regime. Help us provide emergency support to the activists on the front lines. Please give today.

A new Freedom House report finds Turkey’s government is improperly using its leverage over media to limit public debate about government actions and punish journalists who dispute government claims.

Several countries in sub-Saharan Africa recovered last year from earlier violence, but Freedom in the World 2014 found that the improvements were outweighed by crackdowns and new civil conflicts in other parts of the continent.

Freedom in the World 2014 found that with the notable exception of Tunisia, political rights and civil liberties fared poorly in MENA countries, as antidemocratic forces reasserted themselves.

The region’s authoritarian rulers have made it a bastion of repression, according to the findings of Freedom in the World 2014. While countries to the west have democratized and pursued European integration, most of Eurasia has been left behind.


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