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News update

General debate begins Wednesday at the United Nations General Assembly.

Only three percent of women in rural Egypt voted in the country's last parliamentary election, according to the Egyptian Land Center for Human Rights.

Democracies are outclassed and outspent by the world's authoritarians at the UN Human Rights Council, which began its 12th regular session on Monday in Geneva.

Russia's descent into the ranks of the world's consolidated authoritarian regimes is explained in a new analysis from Freedom House.
Bloggers in Egypt are increasingly singled out by the country's security forces for arbitrary arrest, surveillance, harassment and abuse, including torture.

The next step for Iran's youth-led Green Movement should be to expand its membership to reflect the whole of Iranian society in order to organize general strikes capable of paralyzing the country's

Ever wonder how Freedom House determines whether a country is Free, Partly Free or Not Free in Freedom in the World, the organization's annual survey of political rights and civil liberties?


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