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News update

Freedom House presented findings from Freedom in the World 2009 at a human rights conference organized by the U.S.

One of the stated goals of Hillary Clinton's first trip to Africa as U.S. Secretary of State August 4-14 is to support strong and sustainable democratic governments.

A group of 15 academics and bloggers from China and Hong Kong attended a workshop on internet governance sponsored by Freedom House June 15-17 in Hong Kong.

Recent political unrest in Iran is likely to exacerbate negative trends already present in former Soviet states, said Freedom House Executive Director Jennifer Windsor in

Freedom House Project Director Sameer Jarrah argues that the Jordanian government has a security interest in encouraging the development of civic organizations, in a working paper published this mo

Freedom House urges the U.S. Congress to adopt the Obama administration's fiscal year 2010 democracy and human rights funding requests with several adjustments.

Freedom House announces the launch of the OSCE Monitor website, which follows the human rights and democratization work of the


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