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Press Releases

The chances for Thulani Maseko and Bheki Makhubu to have a fair trial were compromised from the beginning since the court did not follow due process of law and the presiding judges had clear conflicts of interest.

Iran's detention of four journalists is another troubling sign of the Iranian government’s utter disregard for freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

The first African Leaders Summit in Washington will bring together U.S. policymakers and over 50 African heads of state.

By claiming five prominent NGOs are ‘foreign agents,’ Russian authorities are deliberately and ruthlessly attacking civil society organizations that protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of Russian citizens.

The terrorism charges against the bloggers and journalists represent Ethiopia's latest affront to freedom of expression and assembly.

After a three-month show trial, Swaziland’s High Court conviction of two of the country’s most prominent human rights activists shows that Swaziland’s court system has lost its last shred of credibility.

Having called on the Obama administration for several months to show leadership in pushing back against Russian President Vladimir Putin for his ongoing aggression against Ukraine, Freedom House welcomes today's announcement of new, tougher U.S. sanctions targeting Russian banks and energy companies.


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