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Press Releases

Freedom House continues to mourn the death of Natalya Estemirova, a dedicated and courageous human rights defender, whose life was tragically cut short because of her efforts to reveal human rights abuses in Chechnya.

Myanmar's sentencing five journalists to 10 years imprisonment for doing their job is a huge blow for press freedom in Myanmar and reverses signs of positive change.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the fierce critic of the Kremlin who was imprisoned for 10 years on politically motivated charges, will make his first major address in the United States since his release when he gives the keynote speech at the Freedom House Annual Awards Dinner on October 1.

The  guilty verdict in the case against Ruslan Kutayev shows that Chechen authorities have no qualms about persecuting those who take a principled position on Chechen history.

The decision to declare Mr. Malinowski 'unwelcome' in Bahrain is unwarranted and wrongfully prevents him doing what he's suppossed to be doing, which is meeting with human rights advocates to understand the full picture of what is going on in Bahrain.

For the fifth year in a row, Freedom House has received a generous donation from the Leon Levy Foundation to support Freedom of the Press, Freedom House’s annual survey of media independence in 197 countries and territories.

Freedom House has received a $50,000 donation from the Jyllands-Posten Fond to renew its support for Freedom of the Press, Freedom House’s annual survey of media independence.


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