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Press Releases

For the fifth year in a row, Freedom House has received a generous donation from the Leon Levy Foundation to support Freedom of the Press, Freedom House’s annual survey of media independence in 197 countries and territories.

Freedom House has received a $50,000 donation from the Jyllands-Posten Fond to renew its support for Freedom of the Press, Freedom House’s annual survey of media independence.

Although Egyptian authorities have taken basic procedural steps such as adopting a constitution and holding a presidential election, Egypt is now much farther from genuine democracy than it was immediately after the coup. See the June 2014 edition and a 12-month review of the Egypt Democracy Compass,

Freedom House encourages the Ukrainian Rada to ratify the Rome Statute without delay and send a clear signal that there should be no impunity for human rights abuses in Ukraine or elsewhere.

This generous gift reflects the Board of Trustees’ commitment to build on Freedom House’s record and to stay at the forefront of the struggle for freedom around the world.

It’s striking that parliamentarians from across Europe can travel to Baku to discuss human security while members of Azerbaijan’s civil society are forcibly detained and generally threatened.

The decision to revoke Swaziland’s AGOA eligibility sends a strong message to a government that has refused to show greater respect for human rights.


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