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Press Releases

Such incidents only serve to create a chilling effect on free expression and the exchange of ideas in Zambia, at a time when open debate on issues such as the constitution-making process and the health of the economy are critically important.

Twenty-five years after its brutal crackdown, the Chinese Communist Party continues its aggressive campaign against freedom and accountability.

The assault on the media in Ukraine, especially in eastern regions and Crimea, continues unabated, with frightening attacks on and kidnappings of journalists.

Last month’s election, with its disturbingly low turnout and extensive violations of democratic norms, represented a sad bookend to Egypt’s postcoup transition.

These elections can reflect the will of the Malawian people if the Electoral Commission is allowed to carry out an unimpeded and properly monitored recount.

At the same time as the world celebrates Ukraine's historic democratic elections, we note the ongoing and alarming increase in kidnappings, disappearances, and other forms of violence against journalists.

Freedom House strongly condemns the Thai army’s seizure of power and urges General Prayuth Chan-ocha to immediately return full civilian control of the Thai government, release government and opposition representatives taken into custody, and rescind the nationwide order of martial law.


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