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President Barack Obama should make clear the United States’ objections to Saudi Arabia's severe restrictions on women’s rights, freedom of expression, religion and association.

The bill to make homosexuality an “offense” not subject to amnesty is more evidence of the deplorable repression sweeping across Africa, eroding the human rights of LGBTI persons

Freedom House, in cooperation with the Lithuanian Parliament and Belarusian human rights defenders, launched the MP4Freedom initiative inviting Lithuanian MPs to become “godparents” of political prisoners in Belarus.

Removing the requirement that Ukraine adopt anti-discrimination protections for LGBTI people is a deep disservice to Ukraine’s citizens and sends the signal that the EU does not prioritize tackling discrimination of this vulnerable, frequently targeted population.

The government should immediately reopen Twitter and recognize that free, unhindered space for debate is essential in Turkey as it is anywhere else.

Today’s action should send a strong signal to Mr. Putin and his circle that there are costs to their egregious actions in Ukraine.

Freedom House warmly congratulates Turkish journalist Yavuz Baydar on winning the European Press Prize in recognition of his brave defense of media freedom as the ombudsman of Sabah newspaper, where he strongly criticized the paper's coverage of the Gezi Park protests.


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