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Press Releases

The Memorial Anti-Discrimination Center announced April 9 its closure in St. Petersburg, in response to a court demand that it register as a “foreign agent.” Prosecutors claimed that the organization violated the law by sharing information about discrimination and abuse with an international body, in this case the United Nations Committee Against Torture, without officially registering as a “foreign agent.”

We are relieved that Autukhovich can return home after five years of baseless detention in President Alexander Lukashenka’s prisons, but it is deplorable that Autukhovich will be subject to 16 months of  so-called ‘preventative police supervision.'

Freedom House and a coalition of human rights organizations and public interest groups wrote Congress in support of the U.S. plan to transition key internet domain name functions to a global body pledged to preserve a free, open, and secure internet.

March’s Egypt Democracy Compass—in which seven out of eight indicators of progress on the roadmap to democracy were rated as ‘stalled’ or ‘backsliding’—shows the futility of the upcoming presidential election.

President Barack Obama should make clear the United States’ objections to Saudi Arabia's severe restrictions on women’s rights, freedom of expression, religion and association.

The bill to make homosexuality an “offense” not subject to amnesty is more evidence of the deplorable repression sweeping across Africa, eroding the human rights of LGBTI persons

Freedom House, in cooperation with the Lithuanian Parliament and Belarusian human rights defenders, launched the MP4Freedom initiative inviting Lithuanian MPs to become “godparents” of political prisoners in Belarus.


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