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Press Releases

Freedom House denounces the decision by Paraguay’s parliament to impeach President Fernando Lugo and calls for the restoration of Lugo’s presidency, allowing him to serve out the remainder of his term which was scheduled to end in April 2013.

Freedom House applauds the European Union for the release of its Strategic Framework and Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy. The document reaffirms the EU’s commitment to the promotion and protection of human rights “in all areas of its external action without exception,” and establishes a specific action plan for implementation of the strategy over the next two and a half years.

Freedom House congratulates Dr. Mohamed Morsi and the Egyptian people on his election as the first civilian President of Egypt, the result of a peacefully contested election. We hope that this will mark a watershed moment in Egypt’s transition to democracy.

Freedom House applauds the government of Kyrgyzstan for recent critical steps it has taken to combat torture, including the creation of a partnership with civil society to work on torture prevention, as well as the passage of a law creating a torture prevention mechanism.

Freedom House calls on Kosovo’s parliament to comply with international norms and recommendations regarding freedom of expression and of the press, as it deliberates over two articles of its criminal code dealing with criminal liability and the disclosure of information sources.

The closure of another independent media outlet and numerous public comments made by President Rafael  Correa attacking private media are an alarming illustration of Correa’s growing attempts to silence critical media. Freedom House calls on President Correa to retract his order preventing government officials from speaking to private media and to allow all journalists and media organizations to operate without interference.

Freedom House denounces today’s decision by the Egyptian Minster of Justice to issue a decree, effective June 14, giving military intelligence and officers the power to arrest civilians until a new constitution is in place.


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