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Press Releases

Freedom House calls on the Kyrgyzstani government to implement prison reform measures that respect the rights of detainees and bring the penal system into compliance with international human rights standards. This month, thousands of prison inmates across the country coordinated hunger strikes, sewed their lips shut, and mutilated their bodies, reportedly to  protest poor conditions and rights abuses throughout Kyrgyzstan’s prison system.

Freedom House opposes the Obama Administration’s decision to move forward with an arms sale to Bahrain, as that government continues to repress peaceful demonstrations for political reform. On Friday, the U.S. announced that it would move forward with a limited sale of military items to the Bahraini government after a larger, $53 million sale was put on hold due to opposition in the U.S.

Freedom House condemns the arrest of opposition activists and an independent journalist in Kazakhstan and calls for their immediate release. These arrests follow parliamentary elections on January 15 and investigations into large-scale December uprisings.

The Bahraini Government’s refusal to allow a Freedom House delegation to visit the country calls into serious question its stated intent to engage in meaningful reform. 

The political uprisings that have swept the Arab world over the past year represent the most significant challenge to authoritarian rule since the collapse of Soviet communism, according to Freedom in the World 2012.

Freedom House's Board of Trustees today issued a statement in response to the recent raids by Egyptian authorities on Freedom House’s Cairo office and those of several other NGOs (domestic and international).

The raid of Freedom House’s office and those of several other NGOs in Cairo by Egyptian security forces today constitutes an unprecedented assault on international civil society organizations and their local Egyptian partners. Freedom House strongly condemns the raid and calls for authorities to cease the unwarranted attacks and release confiscated property immediately.


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